SMART Notebook & Airliners


Lock devices

  1. Click the SMART Board icon in the system tray
  2. Select the Welcome to Notebook option in the menu
  3. Click the Tools tab on the Welcome screen.
  4. Click the Lock All SMART Device option. A dialog window will appear stating the SMART devices are locked. Unlock the devices by clicking the SMART Devices dialog window.

Control Panel

  1. SMART Hardware Settings
    1. Pens

SMART Notebook

  1. Tools
    1. Tables
      1. Cell shade
        1. Draw your table
        2. Insert data
        3. Select cells
        4. Right click and choose Add Cell Shade
    2. Dual screen
      1. Pin Page Featue
        1. Click once on the page that will be pinned to the display
        2. Select View>Zoom>Pin page from the menu bar
        3. Push pins icons will appear at the top of the pinned page.
  2. Page Sorter
    1. Groups
      1. Click the groups button at the top of the page sorter tab.
      2. A drop-down menu will appear. Select Edit Groups.
      3. The Groups editing screen will appear in the work area. Rename the first group from its default name by selecting Rename Group from the Group 1 drop-down menu.
      4. Click the Add New Group button to add an additional group to the page sorter.
  3. Gallery
    1. Essentials for Educators
      1. Images
      2. Sound files
      3. Video files
      4. Flash Files
      5. Backgrounds and Pre-made pages
    2. Lesson Activity Tool Kit
      1. Click on each sub-category
    3. My Content
      1. Add new folders to organize your content
      2. Drag and drop from any category
      3. Add pages to Gallery - Click the drop-down menu next to the page thumbnail and select Add Page to Gallery
    4. Online Essentials for Educators
      1. Lesson Activities
  4. Attachments
    1. Insert a copy of a fine
    2. Insert a shortcut to file
    3. Insert Hyperlink
  5. Handwriting recognition
    1. write the word
    2. tap the word so a box appears around it
    3. tap the down arrow choose the word
  6. Images
    1. Locking
      1. Lock objects in place by clicking the drop-down menu of the image
      2. Choose lockin>lock in place
    2. Hyperlinking
      1. On the image drop-down menu click Insert>Hyperlink