QR codes connect the material world with the digital world

What are QR codes

A QR Code (short for "Quick Response") is a barcode that contains data that can be read by a phone's camera. Most smartphones come equipped with software that allows them to download a QR Code reader. Once you download a reader, the phone's camera acts like a scanner, allowing it to "read" the barcode.These codes, once scanned by your phone, can provide you with a URL, contact information, SMS, or similar links to information right on your phone. Think of it as a black and white link, or a heavily pixelated one.

Types of information

Post a Tweet
Photos (flicker slideshows)
Google Maps

How to read QR Code

In order to read a QR code, your phone needs to have a code reader.


Red Laser


QR Droid

The only Limitation is Your Imagination

  1. With your group investigate your artifacts. If you need to learn about the website or tool online
  2. Share with your group what you have discovered.
  3. Think of ways you could use the tool or adjust to idea to fit other curriculum areas.
  4. Share your ideas on LinoIt
  5. Be prepared to share with the larger group if your tool or artifact is chosen.



Textbook Enhancements
Scavenger Hunt

Winksite - Website for mobile devicesLibrary mobile site.png

Link to dropbox files
Bell ringer (writing prompt - National Geographic Picture of the day)
Interactive discussion (Wallwisher, LinoIt)
Tag My Doc
Interactive Bulletin Boards
Cover page on portfolio
Put QR Code in their planner that accesses your website

Language Arts/Languages

6 Traits Lesson Plan (Check answers and understand reasoning)
Literature Quest
Tales of Things
QRVoice.net (computer generated text-to-speech)
Ubimark Books (Around the World in 80 Days)
Lingibi (QR codes to learn new language)
  • Bulletin board with poems and illustrations - match poem with illustration. (scan code on picture to reveal poem that matches it)
  • Link to student reading poem
  • Vote for favorite
Google Lit Trips
Choose your own adventure stories
Combine with Google Maps & Place markers & Storytelling


Book trailers

Book Reviews
list other books in series
List of other books you might be interested in
Library Orientation - Scavenger Hunt
Book Club Activity

Videos to supplement non-fiction books

Science/Social StudiesPeriodic Table of Elements
What am I quizqr_what_am_i.png
Google Maps
History Mystery scavenger Hunt

Audio Tours (field trips)
Label a Cell or other model (Skeleton)label_cell.png


Worksheets and textbooks with links on video how to’s
Excel files in Google Docs or Dropbox


Links to MP3 files on sheet musicMusic Around the World Bulletin Board
Put a code on students art work explaining their piece or introducing themselves

How to make QR CodesQR Stuff (use different colors for different subjects)QR Code GeneratorQR Code GeneratorQRHackerQRickit
URL Shortener
Copy the shortened code in the address bar and add .qr to create a qr code for the website.

Track your QR Code

Snap.vu Video demonstration

Put a Little Pizzaz in your QR Code

Picnik (Note: this site is closing down in April and moving to Google+)
Photoshop Express

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45 interesting ways to use QR codes