bus.jpgAugust 22, 2008

Starter: Pezzitino - a personality traits activity

Introduction: Stephanie: Who is she really?

General Information:

  • Library:
    • Students
      • Students may have up to 4 items checked out at a time
      • Most items may be renewed on time
      • Open before school, lunch, and after school
    • Loan Periods
      • Books 2 weeks
      • Magazine/Graphic Novel 1 week
      • Reserved material 1 day
    • Fines
      • $.10 per item/per day overdue
      • Lost of damaged books - cost of the item
    • Teachers
      • May have up to 50 items checked out
      • Most items may be renewed twice
    • Loan Periods
      • Books 3 weeks
      • Magazine/Graphic Novel 2 weeks
      • Reserved 2 days
      • Video/Equipment/Audio 30 days
  • Computer Labs:
    • Room 212 - Scheduled for first period so if scheduling for the day need to use loft lab for first period
    • Make sure students have logged off and cleaned up before they leave the lab
    • NO FOOD
    • Watch the students
  • Stephanie:
    • If you want me to teach or help with your class in either the library or the computer lab you will need to schedule me separate from the labs or the library.
    • If you need technical help you will need to fill out a work order.
    • I will be coming around to look at what you have in your rooms and make sure it is working
  • Training:
    • Third Friday - Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works
    • Fourth Friday - Departments
    • Two Thursdays a month after school


  1. Computer Labs and Library
    1. We will be using Google Calendar to schedule computer labs and Library.
      1. Go to Google www.google.com
      2. Click on "Sign In" upper right corner
      3. Click on "Create an Account Now" lower right corner
      4. Fill in the information and click "I agree. Create My Account"
      5. You will need to set up a Google calendar
      6. You should see your calendar and the calendar for the three labs and the library on the left.
    2. To create an "appointment" for the computer labs or library
      1. Click on the date and approximate time (can be changed from 1/2 hours)
      2. Choose which calendar (which lab or the library)
      3. Click on "edit event details" to set specific time or for all day
      4. Click save
  2. To schedule Stephanie for technology or library lessons
    1. We will be using Outlook to schedule me for technology of library lessons
      1. Log into your email
      2. Click on calendar
      3. Click on the NEW drop down menu
      4. Choose "Meeting Request"
      5. Fill in the following information
        1. Steph's email address
        2. subject
        3. location
        4. Date and time
        5. Description of what you want taught
        6. Press Send

Good Practices - Use of Videos and DVDs in Educational Settings

  • Videos/DVDs obtained from rental stores CANNOT be shown in schools.
  • Purchased videos/DVDs can be used for "face-to-face" instruction if a direct connection to curriculum can be established.
  • Granite District does not allow the showing or "R" or "X" rated material
  • "PG" and "PG-13" rated material must be approved by the principal and require a signed parental permission slip.
  • Teachers must read and sign "Good Practice: Use of Videos and DVDs in Educational Settings"

Granite School District Media Center - Destiny Media Program

In order to request materials from the district media center you need to log into the Destiny Media Program. The following document gives instructions for logging into the system.

Library Media Jeopardy:

PowerPoint Games:

PowerPoint can be non-linear giving it great flexibility. Due to this flexibility PowerPoint can be used to create game show type activities. You could make your own and create all the links, but why recreate the wheel. There are several sites with game show templates ready for you to put your own content in and play.

Are you smarter than grade?

Some of the following sites have PowerPoints with content already in them, but if you want to use that particular one just erase their content and put in your own. Several of the sites have just templates. To download a template right click on the link and choose "save target as". Then choose the place you want to save. Preferably the H: drive.
  1. http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/jeopardy.htm
  2. Jeopardy Games http://www.hardin.k12.ky.us/res_techn/countyjeopardygames.htm
  3. http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/PPT-games/
  4. http://teach.fcps.net/trt10/PowerPoint.htm
  5. http://teach.fcps.net/trt14/Power%20Point%20Games/power_point_games.htm
  6. http://facstaff.uww.edu/jonesd/games/
  7. http://clerccenter.gallaudet.edu/Teceds/training/materials/index-PPTGameTemplates.html
  8. Teacher Resource Center http://www.glc.k12.ga.us/trc/cluster.asp?mode=browse&intPathID=5128
  9. Homemade PowerPoint Games http://it.coe.uga.edu/wwild/pptgames/
  10. http://www.murray.k12.ga.us/teacher/kara%20leonard/Mini%20T%27s/March%20Mini%20T-Games/Games.htm
  11. Microsoft Word Games http://people.uncw.edu/ertzbergerj/word_games.html