Cool Stuff from UCET 2013

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Drawing for Book Talks with classes

Sound problems
  • Check volume of reciever
  • Check volume on computer
  • Right click on speaker - Volume controls - turn them all up
  • Sound controls in VLC or Youtube

Like Pintrest for education
A collaborative workspace
I wish I had thought of this one. It is meant for family stories, but why not use it to tell the story of George Washington or Anne Frank
Use with iPods or iPads as clickers with more options.
Like Pintrest, but also a place for you to create a resource list of websites for student project
Ted Talks & Ted-Ed
Great resources for videos and creating lessons for videos. Great way to try the Flipped Classroom Model.


Word Lens
App is free, but it is $4.99 to buy different languages


external image ggss.jpgexternal image GoogleGlass_15.jpg
Google Glasses
Leap Motion
Laser Keyboard