Comic Life

Making comics is fun for everyone, and Comic Life makes it easy. Teachers and students will find Comic Life a very useful software tool.
Comic Life in Education

Use Comic Life to help break down complex ideas and to create entertaining content for material that can sometimes be dull. Here are some assignment ideas that lend themselves to the use of Comic Life:

  • Comics... duh ;)
  • Annotate family photos
  • Holiday photo albums
  • Childrens story books
  • ‘How-to' Guides
  • Greeting cards
  • Gifts
  • Scrap booking
  • Video Story Boards
  • Writing Planner
  • Timelines (history, events, sequences)
  • Historical figures (history of, life of)
  • Dialogue punctuation
  • Character analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Pre-Writing Tool
  • Post-Reading Tool
  • Teaching Onomatopoeias
  • Vocabulary
  • …and on and on

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How to Use Comic Life in the Classroom