Google/Canvas 101 Session 2


In our last training we reviewed Google Drive basics and also added to some of what we discussed in session one. The following video discusses many of the things we talked about as a review for those who were able to come and info for those who were not. Here is a list of some of the things we discussed and you can find on the video.
Google Drive
Shared With Me:
Create Folders:
Uploading Files and Folders
Organizing Files:
Share Files and Folders
Google Drive for PC

The video above talks about Google Drive for Mac. Below is a video for Google Drive for PC which is what most of you would be using it on.

Force Students to make a copy of a document, sheet, slide, etc.


Master Classes - Each of you have a master class for each subject you teach. You also have access to collaborative master classes where you can share quizzes, assignments, etc. with your peers.
Some things about master classes.
  • Unlike regular canvas classes, master classes will never disappear and will never be visible to students
  • Use personal master classes to create and save course content, quizzes, assignments, etc. when you are ready to use import them into your active classes.
  • Import content from master classes to active classes for quick set up at the beginning of each semester
  • Use the master class to "play" with canvas and learn more how it works

One of the best uses of Canvas is the assignments feature. Using assignments students can turn in digital content in an easily organized and accessible way for you to grade. Below is a video on using Canvas assignments.Keep in mind that anything you can embed on a Canvas page can also be embedded into an assignment.

514 - Assignments Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

515 - Assignment Creation from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.