Google/Canvas 101 Session 1

Here are some of the things we went over for Google and Canvas this afternoon for those of you who couldn't make it and more resources for those of you who could. Even if you are familiar with Google and Canvas you may want to scan through for the info for things you may not know.

Logging into Google with multiple accounts:

The following is a video on how to manage more than one Google account such as your account and a personal account.

How to customize your Chrome browser:

I use this to help me differentiate between which Google account I am on; my personal account and my school account.

Change Themes

Set Profile picture

How do students sign in?

Username: first four of first name, first four of last name, first 4 of student number
​example: Jane Smith 9876543
Password: same as logging into the computer

What if a student has hyphens or other oddities in name? How do I know what their email/login is?
  • ​​go to intranet
  • teacher technology work order
  • login using usual login info
  • on left click user search
  • enter student number in username box and click submit
  • click first icon (paper) in front of student name
  • email address should be on right

Google Drive - Getting Started


Understanding and customizing your dashboard

Getting help and how to videos for Canvas

How to cross list your courses: To combine like courses you cross list them. You can cross list your own classes. If you mess up cross listing your courses let me know and I can fix it. If you would like, you can also ask me and I will cross list your courses. Here is a video for those of you who want to do it yourselves.