Ok, I have my homepage done (or not) now what?

Keep students up to date.

Click on the calendar
Click on a date to add an event or an assignment
For an event enter the information and then click submit
For an assignment enter the information and then click "more options"

Organize your classroom materials.

Mr. Young's Space
What did we learn today or this week?
Course Outline

Organize your files.

Click on files
You can make folders to organize your stuff.
Add files
  • PowerPoints
  • Word and PDF documents
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Sounds
  • Just about anything on your computer, the computer opening the file needs software that created it.
To see files from all your courses click bottom right.

Post assignments and have students turn them in.

WARNING: You will want to add assignments through gradebook first then when it shows in CANVAS edit it.
If you add assignments in Canvas you will have double assignments.

To edit an assignment click on assignments, the assignment you want to edit and then edit assignment.
From here you have just about anything you want to do.
  • You can add documents, powerpoints, videos, sounds, etc
  • set points
  • change due date
  • online submission or paper submission
  • lock when assignment will open and when it will close