Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

Chapter 1 & 2

Brain Break
Go to the following website and try the different activities that just give your brain a break.

bulls-eye.gifSetting Objectives: Generalizations:

  1. Setting instructional goals narrows what students focus on.
  2. Teachers should encourage students to personalize the learning goals the teacher has identified.
  3. Instructional goals should not be too specific.

  1. Set learning objectives that are specific but flexible.
  2. Allow students flexibility in personalizing the learning objectives or goals.
  3. Communicate the learning objectives or goals to students and parents.
  4. Contract with students to attain specific learning objectives or goals.

Organizing and Brainstorming Software (Inspiration):
Video Tutorial:
  • Templates
    • Goal Plan
    • Goal Setting
One problem with using programs like Inspiration is that you need the program on your computer to open it. Most students will not have it on their home computers. You can export the inspiration file to a graphic image.
  • File
  • Export
  • Graphic file
  • Choose which format
  • Save

Web Resources (Rubrics):

report2.gifProviding Feedback Generalizations:

  1. Feedback should be corrective in nature.
  2. Feedback should be timely.
  3. Feedback should be specific to a criterion.
  4. Students can effectively provide some of their own feedback.

  1. Use criterion-referenced feedback.
  2. Focus feedback on specific types of knowledge.
  3. Use student-led feedback.

Web Resources

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