Canvas Import

With the new semester upon us it is time to set up your new Canvas course. Even if you are a year long class Canvas works on a semester basis so you will need to set up your classes in Canvas at the start of each semester. Fortunately you do not need to start from scratch each time. Instead you can import from other classes.

First you can import from a previous class be it first semester or a previous years course. Second each of you has a Canvas master class in which you can create your course and import content from that. The nice thing about the master course is that it never goes away and you can edit it anytime. You can only import content from a previous class, but you cannot edit until it is imported to the current class. With your master class you can create content and import it to active classes anytime you want.

The following video explains how to import content to your Canvas course.


Import Content from a previous course or your master course and send Stephanie an email when it is done.