Setting Up Your Canvas Courses


One of the frustrations with canvas is having a separate course for each class and having to keep 6-7 classes updated when several of those classes are the same and the content will be the same.

To fix this we can do what is called cross-listing. When you cross-list your classes you choose one class to be the master class and then attach or cross-list similar classes to that master class.Teachers can cross-list their own classes, but you should only cross-list classes at the beginning of a quarter. The link below will take you to instructions to cross-list your classes. One thing you will need before you follow the steps to cross-list is the course code for your master class. To get this go to your master class and settings then highlight and copy the course code. On the step that tells you to search for a course rather than typing course name paste in the course code.

If you are not comfortable with cross-listing or you mess up somehow come see me and I will help you get things sorted out.

How are you going to use your course?

This is the million dollar question. If you have never taken or seen an online course you may have no idea what options you have. For some of you the whole idea of a blended learning with classroom instruction and online instruction is a bit overwhelming. It is hard enough to do what you are already doing let alone add an online piece. However, using the tools on Canvas can simplify and/or enhance your classroom instruction. For an idea of how blended learning and a flipped classroom look view the following videos.

Blended Learning

Flipped Classroom

Next is to learn about the tools available and decide which would work for you . Below is a list of tools available to use on Canvas. Review each and come up with a plan on how you are going to use Canvas. Start small if it is overwhelming and just choose one, when you have that mastered add another tool.



Lesson Content and Resources:

Setting up your homepage:

Your homepage is the front door to your online classroom. Use it to introduce your class, your expectations, and yourself. Include information about yourself, your class, expectations, what you did for summer vacation, a slideshow of upcoming or past activities, etc. It really is open to your imagination. Anything you can do on any website you can create in Canvas. Ask around and collaborate with other teachers on ideas for your home page.

To create a home page first follow the directions for webpages above. Then use the following link for directions on setting your new page as your homepage.


1. Either have me or you cross-list your classes. If it is the middle of the quarter wait until the beginning of the next quarter. - email me to let me know if you cross-list your classes.
3. Implement one new element of Canvas to your classroom instruction - email me your plan.
2. Set up your homepage. Keep in mind if you cross-list your classes you only need to do this once for each prep. - email me when your homepage is ready.