Welcome to Steph's Training Resources Page

This year for technology PD I decided to do things a little bit differently. I’m going to do it more like a flipped classroom where I send you the content, you go through it when you can, and then come see me during your consult or afterschool for any questions or help.

I will be sending you links to two lessons, one for Canvas and one for Google. I may also throw in a wildcard lesson if I find something cool to share. You can do one, both or neither depending on your needs. For instance we will be starting with beginner topics which many of you may not need. There will be an assignment for each lesson. If you do the assignment and follow through with turning it in to me then I will give .5 PD points for each lesson. My plan is to send lessons out every two weeks.

I will admit right now I am sort of “borrowing” from other sites. I don’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel so if you are working on the New Teacher Technology Canvas classes or have done the Google modules that we started with Teresa last year or Celia this year the beginner lessons will look familiar. I’m good with double dipping if you need the PD points. Get your credit for doing those courses and I will still give credit for doing my lessons. There isn’t an easy way to keep them separate.

Of course if you need help with anything come see me. I’m more than willing to help you with anything tech be it Canvas, Google, or something else you are working on.

Session 1

Canvas Notifications

Google Account Setup

Session 2

Canvas Homepage

Google Drive & Docs

Quiz or Review Tools

Session 3

Canvas Import

Add-Ons Google Drive

Pioneer Library

Google/Canvas 101

Session 1


Google/Canvas Advanced

How to embed content on Canvas Page

Quizzes in Google Forms and Padlet

Ted-Ed and Class Dojo