bus.jpgWelcome to Steph's Training Resources Page

Technology trainings will be on the Thursdays and Fridays. Thursday trainings will focus on integrating technology into the curriculum and software. Friday trainings will be focused on your requests for learning and conducted in breakout sessions.Each training will be approximately one hour and worth one recertification point.

Thursdays: 3:00 - 4:00
Fridays: 1:00 – 2:00

Dates and topics:

October 21 - All Things Video

Where can you find videos? How can I save them and organize them? What are some ways to use videos in my class? We will try to answer these questions an more in this session.

November 12 - Polycom Phones

When you came back to school after summer break you found on your desk a new phone. This phone can be used for basic things like making a phone call, but it can be so much more than just a phone. We learn some of the basics and some of the cooler things you can do with your phones.

December 16 - Quick & Easy Tech Projects

Learn how to use three tools, Prezi, Wordle, and Comic Life, to create quick and easy tech projects. Each of these projects though simple to use require students to use upper level thinking skills.

January 24 - iSchool 2

This is the first session of our iSchool training sessions.
Intro & expectations for training, Tips & Tricks of the new OS, Lesson Plans

January 27 - Interactive Websites and Delicious

January 31 iSchool II Session 2

Apps to promote creativity.

February 28 iSchool II Session 3

Security, Management, and other random stuff

March 7 iSchool II Session 4

Lesson Plan ideas, writing apps, and Podcasts

March 14 iSchool II Session 5