Welcome to Steph's Training Resources Page

Training for the 2006-2007 school year was based around the nine instructional strategies identified by Robert Marzano in his book "Classroom Instruction That Works". For each of the nine strategies we will review the research and then give examples of technology applications for each.

The authors of the book have examined decades of research to determine which teaching strategies have positive effects on student learning.
You can download a condensed version of the book at http://t4.jordan.k12.ut.us/professional_development/strategies/What_Works.pdf. Please take the time to read the section of the book being covered before you come to the training.

Below are links to the each of the areas we covered during the year.

The nine instructional strategies are:

Identifying Similarities and Differences
Summarizing and Note Taking
Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition
Homework and Practice
Cooperative Learning
Nonlinguistic Representations
Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
Generating and Testing Hypotheses
Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers